West Side Narrow Gauge Railway Preservation


To preserve the history of the West Side in Tuolumne.

To construct a new structure possibly resembling the original two-stall engine house.

To establish a living history museum inside the new structure displaying logging equipment.

To acquire original West Side equipment for display.

To repair and maintain the right-of-way for future use.
Model Train Club
The Shop Buildings

To strengthen our application we are looking for WS enthusiasts to assist in anyway they can. I know many of you were able to see the WS in operation and know it best. You can help by supplying:

- Photo's of the Engine House/ Roundhouse, Machine Shop, Car Shop, Tool shed, Dispatcher Office, Sand, Oil and Water facilities.

- Color Slides of the above buildings.

- Any maps or drawings you may have sketched of the buildings.

- Sign the Letter of Support.
Tales of the Alternly Narrow Gauge Railway preview

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